Calvin College is always different.  Like throwing a two day break in the middle of the week for academic advising.   The dorms take advantage of this and during the spring academic advising they put on semi-annual banquets.  I have always been fond of these banquets because they were some of the first events I ever DJed.  Plus it’s great that I keep getting asked to come back even years after I graduated!  Mostly though, it is a blast to DJ for Calvin because they always have so much energy.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s the beginning of summer, the end of the school year or what, but they never disappoint.

The first banquet of the week was on Tuesday in Grand Haven at the Harbourfront Grand Hall above Porto Bello’s.  I have been here before many times and have enjoyed it every time.  I believe that’s why Calvin Dorms have been coming here for years.

It looks just as nice on the inside as it does on the outside.  The food was great and the services was just the same.  There was more than enough food, but it was funny because the most sought after food was the bread.  I was sitting right by the buffet line and I still had a hard time getting some bread!  They had to keep it coming!

Most of time after dinner the students head out to the lake shore to take some pictures in their dresses and suits.  This time, however it was a little too cold for them to do that.  Luckily the dorm leadership hired a photo booth to come and let the students take pictures.  This was busy from the moment he set up!  I met the owner Wade Jones of ShutterBooth West Michigan, and he said that’s the way it is at almost every event.  Here’s a link to his website where you find out more about his services.

Then came my favorite part the dancing.  This is where Calvin students thrive.  They have a really good taste in music.  They like to keep it fun and keep it up beat.  We played new Black Eyed Peas, older Beyonce and even a N*Sync song!  The students had a great time and kept the dance floor full time my last song.  I really like the energy they give and that’s what makes my job so much fun!

Here’s a link to the Harborfront Grand Hall for some more pictures and info on the venue.

Wednesday night was another Calvin College event.  This time was not for a dorm but form the Knollcrest East apartments on campus.  The event was at the Bluff in Grand Rapids.  I have also been to venue several times and always enjoyed it.

It is tucked away near a golf course off of 28th st.  It is a great setting for a picture in the evening as the sun begins to set through the trees.

The food was great, and included grapes in dip and a pasta bar.  The service was excellent, so much so that we got to the dancing part early that night.  Here’s a shot of my equipment that night minus my lighting trust.

The apartment crowd is a little different from the dorms but it didn’t mean they didn’t dance!  The music was definitely more of a wide spectrum of genres closer to that of a wedding.  We had James Taylor, Earth, Wind and Fire, Vanilla Ice and Sean Kingston all played that night.  And once again Calvin was dancing till the last song.

For some more info on The Bluff here’s a link to their webpage:

I had a great time at both these events.  I am really looking forward to this coming weekend where I have a High School dance on Friday and then a wedding on Saturday!

Thanks for reading!