Two weekends ago was great weekend for DJing.  I had the Grand Ledge High School Prom on Friday night and then the Wymer Fisk Wedding.  This was my first double event weekend of the year, and I really enjoyed it!

The Grand Ledge High School Prom was held at the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing.  This was my first time DJing at that venue, while I have videotaped an event there before.  There theme this year was either “The Fair” or “The Circus.”  They had popcorn and cotton candy, but I didn’t get either!  I was too busy picking out songs!  I think in the end I guessed it was a circus theme because I played Britney’s “Circus.”  We started the dancing a little early since the students ate before hand.  Here’s a shot of when I played “The Cupid Shuffle,” that’s what got them first all to the dance floor.

It wasn’t too hard to keep them on the dance floor after that.  I just had to keep the top 40s coming.  High school dances you usually have to stick to more of the, how should I say “crunkier”  and “sexier” hip hop.   Trey Songz, lmafo, Gucci Mane, and Timbaland were hot requests.

The most requested song was probably Usher’s new “omg.”  The biggest suprise of the night was when one of the Grand Ledge teachers asked for the microphone.  Here’s a little snippet!

High school dances can be difficult at times and as a DJ you need thick skin.   But Grand Ledge is a great school, and I have every time I DJ there.

Here’s a link for anyone looking for more information on the Lansing Center.

Saturday was the Wymer Fisk Wedding.  It was held at the Rockford Sportsman Club.  What a easy and fun place to have a wedding reception.  They had plenty of space for all their family and friends to get together and just have a good time.

I love venue’s with a quick and easy entrance and exit for loading an unloading my equipment.  Can you believe I get this all in my outback?

Once again I am reminded how much I love DJing.  It brings me such joy to play music for a good crowd of people who just want to have a good time and dance.  Anyone who has seen me DJ knows I like to dance a little  behind the DJ booth.

Thanks again for the read.   I will post this week about the two events I had this weekend.