I got to get more consistent on these posts!  I should do them right away on Sunday or something.

Two Fridays ago I had the chance to DJ a dance for My LEAD.  It is a youth leadership group for sophomores in Michigan High Schools.  They pick one student from each school who is in a leadership position at the school and they get sent to this weekend retreat/camp to work on leadership skills and such.  The leadership was great, and the kids were awesome.  They had me DJ the opening night dance.

They loved the music and danced the whole time.  It was really similar vibe to a normal high school dance, but with a little less… how should we say, slow jams…  The crowd loved the music, so much that they were opening up windows because it was so hot!

It was really funny because I had students asking for requests and also a lot of the leadership!  The most oddly requested song, that also turned out to be a pretty big success  was Grease the movie’s soundtrack mega mix.  I didn’t expect to A. Play this, B. Have it actually work!

Here’s a link to some more info on MyLEAD


Saturday was the McLaughlin Nack Wedding in Perry.  This was a good old fashion pig roast.  They had the huge grill roaster thing.   Also, they had some amazing work done on their cake.  Very fitting to the couple.

Here’s how I had the setup for this wedding.

This wedding was great test of my musically knowledge and dance floor experience.   They gave some good suggestions, but they were mostly slow songs and sing-a-longs.  I had to still develop most of the songs for the open fast dancing.

I had some really good feedback immediately following this wedding.  It felt really good, plus they gave me like 6 to go boxes of leftovers!!!

I will post another post about this past weekend’s wedding.  Thanks,