It’s wedding season!  With one more wedding in May, I then had two weeks off.  I spend one of the weekends traveling out to Detroit for Movement, Detroit’s electronic music festival.  This past weekend I had my first of my June weddings.

May 22nd was the Jarvi – Grasman Wedding.  It was a short drive south of Grand Rapids to the Dorr area.  Set in a really intimate venue, the guests and I started the evening by introducing the wedding party with a really popular song by the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta a Feeling”  We enjoyed a meal prepared by family friends then cut the cake to my favorite cake cutting song, “Sweetest Thing” By U2.  After the special dances of the evening we got right into open dance.  The crowd was a lot of fun and we were all over the board with music.  A couple days after the reception I got an email from one of the bridesmaids saying, “Just wanted to say, that I think you did an awesome job DJ-ing! …you played all the good ones”

June 12th, was the Poortenga – Morris Wedding in South Haven.  Turned out after talking with the Bride and scheduling a meeting, I found out that I went to High School with the Groom!  Even If I didn’t know most of the Groomsmen and one of the Bridesmaids, this would have been a great wedding reception.  First, I got to say the venue, Foundry Hall, was top notch.  Andru, the manager was a excellent host to me, a vendor, and to the guests.  The hall was decorated hip, cool, and beautifully.  Plus, did I mentioned the Bride and Groom had a candy bar set up?

During dinner we heard guest’s stories of the bride and groom, as a substitution to the normal clinking on the glasses.  After dinner the Bride and Groom had a fun song for their first dance, Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews “I’m Alive” and a pretty unique but excellent song for the bride’s dance with her uncle, “Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)” by Billy Joel.  After the special dances we got right into the dancing.  I had a lot of good requests throughout the night, but the top was definitely a song I have never played at a wedding before.  It was pretty hilarious at first but then when I played it, I realized it definitely worked.  I should of guessed it with all the hunting stories I heard during dinner.  It was Ted Nugent’s “Fred Bear” of course!  Nevertheless, we had a great fun filled night of dancing, all the way to the last song at midnight!

For more info on Foundry Hall go to their website: