I had two great weddings to finish out June.

Friday June 18th, was the Landheer Workman wedding.  It was a little scary that night because we had a storm warning right in our area.  But we didn’t let that stop us!

The reception was in Grand Haven at Portobello’s.  That was my second event of the year there.  The staff was exceptional, and the families were a great crowd.  The Bride and Groom did a really cool thing for their special dances.  They played their slide show as their were dancing.  Very Cool!

Sunday, June 27th was the Salleva Caswell wedding.  This was held at the Grand Volute, a great venue in Lowell.  Kent, the guy that runs things there, runs a tight ship.  Great Job!  Excellent Food, too!

The Bride and Groom had a special first dance.  The bride’s sister sang the first song!  This was a rocking even when the wedding was on Sunday.