Last Friday I DJed a really fun wedding for Todd and Lindsey!  They had their reception at the Grand Rapids Cultural Center at St. Nicholas.  This was my second wedding reception at the cultural center and I think it is a great venue.  There are some great pictures up at their website.

Todd and Lindsey had their catering and bar services provided by Martha’s Vineyard.  The service was great and food was excellent.  It was served family style and there was definitely plenty to go around.  I worked with Kate from Martha’s Vineyard and she was pleasure to work with.  For more info on Martha’s Vineyard click through the link below.

One of the photographers for the evening was a familiar face.  We went to high school together, so it was fun catching up!  From everything I saw at the reception, Ashley Photography did some superb work.  I am looking forward to seeing some photos up on their website!

Now on to what I did that evening!  Todd and Lindsey had prepared a list of songs for each of the wedding party to be introduced.  My favorite of all the songs was actually the bride and groom’s song which is where I got this week’s post’s title from.  This Jagged Edge song is probably my favorite 90’s hip hop song.  We definitely broke my rule and played it again during the night after I used it for their introduction.

Todd and Lindsey used Keith Urban, Steven Curtis Chapman and Mark Schultz for some of their special dances.  The whole wedding party prepared a choreographed dance to mix of 90s dance and top 40s songs as their bridal party dance.  Then the bride planned a special treat for the groom.  She surprised him by having a mascot from his alma mater’s basketball team which he played on.  All the guests got a real kick out of this.  By the smile on the groom’s face, he really enjoyed this too.

Both Todd and Lindsey are coaches within the area, so they invited some of each team to come to the wedding.  When you add the bride and grooms friends and family, we always had a packed dance floor.  It was funny that evening because there were so many requests from friends and family who said this specific song had a connection between them and the bride or groom.  I love how music can become a reminder of a connection between a person and another person or event.

What amazed me about this wedding is that the bride and groom could never get a second alone when off the dance floor.  They had so many friends and family coming up and giving them hugs and exchanging stories.  Another thing to add to the character of Todd and Lindsey is that there were the last people to leave the wedding reception besides myself and the reception staff.

Thanks Todd and Lindsey for the wonderful wedding!