Once again I left Grand Rapids and traveled down to Saugatuck for a great wedding at the Ravines Golf Course. A storm rolled through town but all of us were safe and sound inside and enjoyed the whole evening. There was a special surprise from the Maid of Honor who created a surprise slide show for the bride in her toast during dinner.

Simpkins First Dance

The bride and groom were introduced to the guests with “Love never felt so good.” Then you can see them in the picture above celebrate their first dance with the song “Gold.” The groom danced with mother to “Just You N’ Me.”

Once we finished all our special dances the crowd was so pumped and ready to dance!

Full Dance Floor in Saugatuck

The groom and his brother had a “Dance Off” and then lead the guest in “Jump on it”

Groom Solo

Yes the Groom did have a Star Wars Han Solo shirt underneath his tuxedo! This is just another one of those nights that I realize how blessed I am to DJ!

Me and the Ferris

Congrats again guys!