A Mills Masterpiece is a locally owned and operated wedding & event DJ business serving all of Michigan. With nearly 10 years of event DJ experience, we can bring our couples an experienced DJ without the ego.  Couples meet their wedding DJ and get a personal and professional experience.  Our DJs will help couples and families prepare for the wedding reception schedule and make music choices to create a night personalized to their tastes.

Get to know Chris Mills, our primary wedding DJ:

Photo Courtesy of thegaupers.com

Photo Courtesy of thegaupers.com

I’ve been DJing wedding and events for just about ten years. I started DJing banquets in college and when my friends started getting married they asked me to DJ and the rest in history!

DJing weddings is such a great experience. Getting to know our clients and walk along side these couples as they prepare for the day. Being trusted to facilitate such an important event for our couples and families is a great responsibility.

I meet with couples as many times as they need. We discuss the feel of the event as well as the nitty gritty details of the schedule. They enjoy knowing that the day of, that I am the go-to-guy and know everything that is going on. No one wants a DJ that just sits back hits “play” for the music. When you hire a DJ you should be hiring a DJ / Master of Ceremony!

Music is such an important part of the reception. I work with couples to go over music for the cocktail hour and dinner. We select songs for special events and the first dance. We talk about the dancing part of the event, what you want to hear, what don’t you want to hear. I’ve worked with couples who say, “we just want people to have a good time dancing” to “here’s our spreadsheet of music, one page for must plays, maybe plays and don’t play.” Either way works for me!

As a DJ, I know that the day is not about me. I know there are hundreds of people out there looking to me to set the tone of the evening. They don’t want to hear wedding advice from me or want to see a comedian. They are expecting a non-cheesy and non-creepy DJ. They also don’t want to have a drunk DJ either, you’ll just see me drinking coffee or water that evening 🙂

People come to the wedding to see the couples get married, but they stay for party. I really feel that the dancing part of the reception is the icing on the cake of a wedding day. I hope that you take the time to get to know your wedding DJ because they are probably the most important vendor of the entire event. And I am not just saying that because I am a DJ. Having went through the whole process myself of wedding planning myself, I know how important a good DJ is.

I’ve had tons of couples, families and friends at weddings share how much they enjoyed my work as their wedding DJ. I hope I get the chance to DJ for you or your friends!

A Mills Masterpiece — You’ve found the one, and now you’ve found the DJ.